The Roswell Incident

26.01.2018 г.
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Wanted to test some new content on this channel.
New video on the main channel in a few days. It's coming.
Lecture by Dr Richard Muller:

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  • "heyyy vsauce"

    it isrealit isrealпреди 23 часа
  • Roswell: those who saw it are certain that it wasn't a weather balloon, and those who didn't see it are certain that it was 😐

    Dave LawlisDave Lawlisпреди 2 дни
  • Roswell conspiracies, great show

    kiracaoskiracaosпреди 4 дни
  • That's way cooler than aliens.

    E OE Oпреди 6 дни
  • The dislikes are from Roswell aliens that think this is Bs.

    ReyesReyesпреди 8 дни
  • well the Russian president Dimitry Medvedev said they are real just like the in the movie men in black. I'm gonna believe that guy over you

    alireza easazadealireza easazadeпреди 8 дни
  • My fu**ing god this has to be the most useless and badly informed (on purpose i guess) video on the face of the planet. You left out TONS of verifiable official military personel reports that claimed the opposite with literally nothing to gain and everything to lose , and they were like 600 , not 1 or 2 , and all described the same details. Way to go to look like a pathetic clown , next time at least put ALL the information out there then let people draw their conclusions

    ShieldStunShieldStunпреди 11 дни
  • Have you atleast looked to some declassified files from the US Intelligence? Yea very comfortable saying it was just air baloons, congratulations...

    WizardWizardпреди 14 дни
  • Is that Michael from V Sauce I hear? He must be eating himself again.

    CrazyJayBeCrazyJayBeпреди 17 дни
  • Why don't commercial planes use a sofar-spere? Seems like a good way to find crashed planes...

    Geoffrey NaudeGeoffrey Naudeпреди 19 дни
  • Just out of curiosity, is the sound channel that carries sound well the depth at which whales swim? I've heard they can communicate over vast distances.

    Jonathan BroncoJonathan Broncoпреди 21 ден
  • Eyewitness accounts show when the government was asked about the weather balloon, they replied with, "You guys said...mmm...we did it for the show."

    QualityQmanQualityQmanпреди 21 ден
  • I don't know but I want video about Philadelphia Experiment

    NeonDystopia†NeonDystopia†преди 24 дни
  • What if the pilot crashes and the sea is only 7 ft deep to 999 ft deep? He thinks he is ok but gets slowly eaten by sharks or giant sea monsters :0

    frogsfrogsпреди 24 дни
  • Hey, Vsauce, Michele here

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  • 4 minutes 20 seconds. Nice

    idontknowidontknowпреди 26 дни
  • Sofar Sphere is hot

    CihlounCihlounпреди 27 дни
  • So,why isn't the sofar sphere is in use? Just put in a plane and when it crashes,you know where it is

    Ahmad Hadyan Bayu RifkiAhmad Hadyan Bayu Rifkiпреди 29 дни
  • You wouldn’t be fighting the Japanese in the Atlantic

    Icarus The brokenIcarus The brokenпреди 29 дни
  • Oh sure, anon 😏 nice try, you sell-out!

    EEпреди месец
  • i woke up not remembering my last 6 hours, went to pee, my dik was gone 10/10 would get abducted again, pls give it back mark zuck

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  • Finally you got some major contracts from government

    VisitantVisitantпреди месец
  • The materialistic bracket recently branch because creature symptomatically list between a redundant handball. fearful fearless, violent philosophy

    Dan SmokeDan Smokeпреди месец
  • the best way to tell that aliens are bullshit is the fact that it only happens with Americans

    Ugly CactusUgly Cactusпреди месец
    • It doesn't happen only with the americans in fact

      SadalsuudSadalsuudпреди 25 дни
  • Nice video length.

    Old FridgeOld Fridgeпреди месец
  • Your map and coordinates where close. Hopfully someone found that drowning whale 23º 55' 6.5" N 55º 22' 15.9" W

    Chunga ConarChunga Conarпреди месец
  • Fake News!!!

    i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙ii𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙i𒈙𒈙𒈙iпреди месец
  • The us military changed their story 5 times noone knows what crashed

    Reptile JehovaReptile Jehovaпреди месец
  • Aliens have been used to hide the truth many times. Example, the Area 51. The US military and the US Government enjoy the legends about Aliens inside Are 51, this is because they know people will be busy looking for small gray aliens and UFOS instead of thinking "Hm...maybe the Area 51 is actually a place where they create powerful and dangerous things, human things, like Battle Ai Dronws and war stuff...with human tech". So remember folks, keep believing in aliens while our governments use that to hide their most devious plans :D

  • "Hey, VSauce"

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  • Why do I hear v sauce here 3:47

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  • Watch out dude, Michael from VSauce has invaded your video

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  • Vsauce 4

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  • "the following is satire and journalistic in nature"?

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  • why is vsause in the backround saying "hey vcause"

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  • I could be cool and be the thousandth dislike but at the same time the video just doesn't deserve it

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  • Why am i keep hearing "hey vcsauce here"

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  • The idea of the sound channel is cool to me for some reason >

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  • I love how you can hear because at 3:48 after his main theme is being used

    Welco BroWelco Broпреди месец
  • Spend MONTHS listening to jagoffs gurgle on about little grey men in dozens of hour long documentaries about he said she said second, third fourth fifth-hand reports from uneducated country people who lived in the middle of New Mexico over 70+ years ago... *-Or-* One backed up explanation about cold war era technology. Explained in under 5 mins.... Let's see them aliens bois.

    F0reman371F0reman371преди месец
  • 4:20 =420

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  • At 3:48 you can hear a faint "hey, vsauce"

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  • Vsause is back!

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  • When your fighting in the pacific theatre but your plane goes down in the Atlantic Ocean

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  • Lmao the "Hey Vsauce! Michael here." Is fuckin killing me

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  • Why is vsauce in the background

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  • Roswell was a weather balloon. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when the witnesses to the magic foil were tested. They were given several materials, including Mylar, tin foil, etc. and every single one of them chose the Mylar as the material they handled. All of them... every witness chose Mylar and said it was the alien material. More than one asked how the testing team got hold of the alien material. Case closed.

    TacDyneTacDyneпреди месец
  • I expected shit-posting but this is just good lol

    Peter NgoPeter Ngoпреди месец
  • 5 bucks says that the “weather balloon was really a V-2 missile or something

    Stop Motion BeginnerStop Motion Beginnerпреди месец
  • Me: Am on the brink of insanity *hears barely audible "hey, vsauce, michael here"* *implodes*

    Isaac BelinaIsaac Belinaпреди месец
  • Wouldn't this technology still be useful today, for like boats and planes in the case they go missing? I know we have gps but that still relies on electricity

    MavesaMavesaпреди месец
  • Wait, so you’re telling me they shelved a project that could have saved thousands of lives to this day, because they were more concerned with espionage.

    Jacob AndrewsJacob Andrewsпреди месец
  • Blaze it.

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  • Hey Vsauce.

    Logan KotterLogan Kotterпреди месец
    • I’m certain towards the end I heard that

      Logan KotterLogan Kotterпреди месец
  • That sounds like something someone who didn't want people knowing aliens are real would say... Edit: upon further review, the video must be factual, because I have never been lied to by a video that is 4:20 in length.

    BatJeffBatJeffпреди месец
  • Well I guess I'll just go fuck myself then.

    alachaaalachaaпреди месец
  • How much did they pay you to talk about weather balloons?

    Beanie KidBeanie Kidпреди месец
  • I love how many youtubers are absolutely certain into their stories and theories which they've randomly picked up somewhere. I especially love when they never use words like "probably" or "maybe". That's a real merit of successful people.

    damyrdamyrпреди месец
  • Hey Vsauce Michael here

    MaTaRu39MaTaRu39преди месец
  • The sound channel in the ocean could potentially still be used nowadays to find boats that capsize. Could help find people that get stranded in the middle of the ocean during a storm or something.

    Lt. HoboLt. Hoboпреди месец
  • My BGworld legacy in a nutshell

    SallyannaSallyannaпреди месец
  • I was expecting a full length documentary but it was a ~4min video lol

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  • Blaze it

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  • Now if they told everybody it was aliens, that would be the ultimate coverup. Nobody would believe it was actually aliens.

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  • 3:48 Vsauce reference

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  • 3:49-50///Hey Vsauuce Michael here?!!!

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  • Hey Vsauce, Michael here

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  • Now that’s a mogul move

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  • thats boring. imma just preyend its some 4th dimensional reptiles or some shit

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  • hehe video length

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    • i like

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  • Let's say your fighting in the Pacific, shows bloop from Atlantic

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  • Hey, Vsauce

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  • So what are tou telling me. . . Is that the aliens are just cover up an experiment with baloons for the American goverment. . .which in turn serves to cover up the alien presence? *Mindblow*

    MrTigrachoMrTigrachoпреди 2 месеца
  • As soon as I heard the Vsauce music I was like oh, that's cool. Then I laughed my ass off when you added his voice.

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  • It was literally a real life alien you stupid dipshit jesus christ fuck you I hate this fucking channel good video though, very informative

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  • It's odd that Roswell is so famous. A far more interesting case with more solid evidence is in Kecksburg PA in 1965. A huge fireball seen across several states came down an the military raced to the site and then claimed to have found nothing. Well clearly it was something.

    M ChambersM Chambersпреди 2 месеца
    • There’s a dude named Bob Lazar who claims to be a former scientist who worked at Area 51 and did research on UFOs the US military found and he also claims that ufo-sightings like the one you describe are just test flights the army did with their own reproduction of the technology. He seems a bit like a pretty crazy dude, but his story seems to be much better than the one of all other people who claim to have similar stories. There are a few interesting talks with him here on youtube (like his interview with joe rogan)

      Marvin XoxMarvin Xoxпреди месец
  • The stories of the Roswell incident are frankly not believable. The most common claim is that fragments of metal were found which could be easily folded but would always return to their original shape and could not be damaged by anything. Of course the men in black confiscated all the pieces so no one has any. First of all, if the metal could not be damaged then how was it in small pieces in the first place? And someone found this magical metal and NO ONE kept any to show to the media?

    M ChambersM Chambersпреди 2 месеца
  • Another theory is that the story was disinformation to make the Soviets think we had obtained alien technology.

    M ChambersM Chambersпреди 2 месеца
  • woah woah woah Jake chudnow is only allowed on one channel at a time

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  • local youtuber gets paid by the U.S. military to hide the truth

    Vynyl WelshVynyl Welshпреди 2 месеца
  • Yo this mans pulled out the vsauce music

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  • You flipping tricked me DAD! I HATE YOU

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  • Oh, well. This didn't age well, or is it? US officially declared they actually never found out any logical explanation of UFO. Making its abbreviation as relevant as possible. But, probably ... just probably hopefully this is indeed a weather balloon.

    DunklerJägerZachDunklerJägerZachпреди 2 месеца
    • Source

      Hunter SmithHunter Smithпреди 2 месеца
  • Microsoft wins

    TheHorror123456789TheHorror123456789преди 2 месеца
  • This all holds up great, if it wasn't for the fact that over 600 witnesses from regular civilians to high ranking military/government officials have given similar testimonies on the crash and it's cover up. I still can't imagine multiple experienced and educated officials could misidentify a weather balloon made of "sticks, foil and hard paper" to a shiny metallic object "not made on this Earth". There are literally federal documents open to the public of government scientist talking about retrieving items "not made by us, or anybody on this Earth".

    ⷯпреди 2 месеца
  • I think it's super neat how you were able to get Michael from Vsauce to make a cameo in this video. Edit: _Multiple_ cameos!

    KevinKevinпреди 2 месеца
  • Oh my f**king God ... Even the head of project mogal said it was impossible as there where no launches that week due to weather. You did f**k all research just usual clickbait nonsense on YT. I mean how the fuck did they not know the mogal explanation has been debunked

    The half true 509The half true 509преди 2 месеца
  • This video is complete bollocks. The mogal theory has been debunked over and over. YTer never do any f**king research anything for clicks eh . If you had done your research you would have come across Dr Kevin randle. Fu*k even the head of project mogal said it was bullshit as there where no mogal test that week due to weather. I understand yt is about clicks but ffs at least research the topic before making a misinformation video. Sick of shit YTer not doing research. RESEARCH YOUR SUBJECT

    The half true 509The half true 509преди 2 месеца
  • This blow my mind with the whole pilot gps tracker lol

    AcehilmAcehilmпреди 2 месеца
  • I would believe you, but everyone involved in collecting the wreckage was 100% sure it wasn't a balloon.

    Kevin BaumKevin Baumпреди 2 месеца
    • Its not like highly sensitive, temprature resilient and radio frequency emitting microphones were small back then. Also, isnt blown around as much as possible with the wind at 155,000 feet.

      Name_ exeName_ exeпреди месец
  • This here has absolutely nothing to do with the roswell incident. THANKS FOR WASTING 4:12 MINUTES OF MY TIME. THE AD IN THE END I WILL NOT WATCH

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  • Video is 4:20.(420) COINCIDENCE?

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  • So it was never about aliens to begin with? What if they want you to believe that lol?

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  • Hey vsauce here ...i kept hearing that.....why?!?

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  • Sounds like something a lizard would say.

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    • But not in a 4:20 long video. Everyone knows lizards hatte 420.

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  • Why did i read the rosevellt incident and think "that thumbnail makes sense"

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  • did anyone here vsauce in the background

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  • I am far too triggered by the fact that the pilot crashed in the Atlantic while fighting Animus.

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